How is it Transmitted what is ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common childhood disease which can be treated if necessary It is a disease where there are weird substances in the brain which makes everything different for ADHD people compared to normal people. Some scientists these days, have figured out that the substances in their brain effect work, your social life, sports and also impulses.

What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?

Inattentive> Inattentive is basically when your in class and you don't pay any attention and you get really bad grades in your school
Impulsive> Impulsive is when you are rude to people and you cannot wit until your turn and you always interrupt people while they talk.
Hyperactivity> Hyperactivity is when you fidget in class and switch seats and are to active

Can ADHD be cured?

Actually ADHD can actually be cured, as long as you have the right attitude to leaning to adapt to your illness, by using new skills that you learn everyday as well as appropriate medicine and also social support. They will be able to outgrow ADHD and control their behavior and their focus in school and at work.

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