☞ ❝Asthma❞ ☜

⇨ The common name and scientific name for this disease is Asthma

⇨ Causes for Asthma can be/ it can be transmitted by
From their parents who have Asthma
Some respiratory infections during childhood
Certain airborne allergens contact
Exposure to some viral infections

⇨ Symptoms? How long does it last? Is it deadly?

Some symptoms of Asthma includes: Wheezing, lack of breath, your chest feels tighter and coughing

Asthma doesn't go away so there is no period of time which it last or not

Asthma can be deadly depending on your body aspects and the disease itself

An Asthma attack can occur when you:

When you exercise

When the season/weather changes eg. hot - cold

Some personal allergies when it happens

Environmental Issues eg. air pollution

⇨Can it be cured?

It can't be cured, but there are medical treatments for it. There are also devices that can support you when a asthma attack occurs. The device can help you survive through an asthma attack.

Here is a video explaining the causes of asthma and some more detailed information

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