Athlete’s foot

What is it?
Athlete’s foot (also known as Tinea Pedis)is a fungus infection on the skin, in this case on the foot/feet. It causes the skin to Peel, itch and flake. Athlete’s foot is caused by Trichophyton a kind of fungi which grows in moist areas. EG, Public showers or bathhouses.
How does it spread?
There are numerous ways for the Fungi to spread. It is mainly transmitted in wet and moist environments where people walk bare footed. Another way for the fungi to spread is sharing or wearing shoes with an infected person, or sharing the same towels.
What is the treatment/cure?
Medicine or treatments can be brought in almost every drugstore or prescription from a doctor. The easiest way to treat athlete’s foot is applying a powder, that absorbs moisture or , to kill the fungi (since it can’t live in dry areas). The key to prevent a reinfection is to have good hygiene.
Ying Ying Liu