Black Death by Rimsky Ho

The common name for this disease is the Black Death it is caused by the bacterium that goes by the scientific name of Yersinia pestis. This deadly disease spread across Europe during the 14th century. People who were infected by it had a mortality rate of between 30%-95%+, depending on how severe it is. By the time the plague had stopped, 200 million people were already killed. People get infected from a bite of an infected flea, affecting most of there body. When the bacteria spreads to the lungs, it becomes possible for someone else to be infected if you happen to cough at them. The symptoms of the plague include extreme pain, tumors, coughing, fever, and even comas. The symptoms won't last long because you will die very quickly. In those early years, there was actually no cure for it, however, the doctors can still give the patients something to help them against the disease. Nowadays, a lot of antibiotics are effective against the plague, of course, so it is no threat to us.

220px-Yersinia_pestis_fluorescent.jpeg The Yersinia pestis bacteria