Brain Cancer:)<3



the Cause Of Brain Cancer!

People don’t really know how brain cancer is caused but there are some factors that might increase your chance of getting brain cancer like:

-Radiation to the head
-HIV infection
- Environment (If the environment has toxins)
Another way to get Brain cancer is from your blood stream. Cancer cells from another part of your body can travel to your brain through your blood stream

Symptoms of Brain cancer will be different for different people. It also depends on how far a long the cancer is and where in the brain it is.

Symptoms of brain cancer are caused by the impact of the growing brain tumor on the brain and nervous system.

headaches, numbness or tingling in arms or legs, nausea,vomiting,difficulty walking and muscle twitching. It may also include difficulties with memory ,thinking,walking, talking, seeing, hearing.

It depends on how far along the cancer is. If you catch it early and treat it correctly you should be fine. However people have died from brain cancer just like any other cancer.

This video shows a woman who survived.

And you can treat it. Like she said she had radiation exposure and is taking kemo pills.The person with cancer may need surgery and would be preformed by a neurosurgeon.