Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is a cancer in the Cervix. The Cervix is located at the bottom end of the uterus, but is located at the top of the vagina. The uterus is a part of the woman’s reproductive system where the egg will grow into a baby. If a woman is not in the pregnancy process, the uterus has no need to expand due to pregnancy, so the thick bloody lining is passed out of the vagina, in which this process is called menstruation. The cervical canal passes through the cervix, allowing blood from a menstrual period and a baby (fetus) to pass from the womb to the vagina. Cervical Cancer is one out of several different types of cancer located in the uterus. The common name for Cervical cancer is Cervical cancer. The scientific name is Cervix Uteri Carcinoma. Symptoms don’t usually occur when you get cervical cancer but when you do these are the symptoms that you will be getting. Vaginal bleeding, lower back pain, painful urination and pain during sex, but some symptoms may only be spotted when the cancer is at an advanced stage. Once you are diagnosed with cervical cells, it usually takes up to about 10-15 years before the cervical cancer begins. Cervical cancer can by caused by “high-risked” types of the human papillomavirus. This has shown to be the primary cause to cervical cancer, people who have relatives that have cervical cancer (mother or sister), smoking and low levels of folic acids (a type of vitamin B). Cervical cancer is primarily transmitted through sexually activities. The chance of getting cervical cancer can be done by taking safety precautions such as, always use a condom for sex ( unless you’re married to that person), don’t smoke while pregnant and get regular cervical cancer screenings with the PAP or if you’re 30 and older get screenings with the HPV test. If you are diagnosed with cervical cancer you can get surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but this depends with the size of the tumor, the stage of the cancer, your age and your desire to have children.

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