Chicken Pox
By: Kristy Kong

What causes it?
Chicken pox is caused by a virus, a weak immune system, or from others with this sickness. Chicken pox affect mostly children under twelve years old.

What does it do?
People who get chicken pox usually develop itchy rashes that looks like blisters. These blister- like rashes that spreads all over the body. It starts off as a runny nose, a cough and / or a fever. This sickness might also come with a runny nose, cough, a fever, loss of appetite and a sore throat. A couple days later the rashes will start appearing. Chicken pox lasts about four to five days.

How does it spread?
Chicken pox is very contagious. It can be passed on through clothing, physical contact, exhaled air, etc.

What is the cure?
People who has Chicken pox should drink lots of fluid, avoid scratching the rashes/ spots. Kids can be protected by this virus by getting the chickenpox vaccine. Doctors will probably give liquid medicine to help cure the illness.


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