Cowpox... by Christopher Chan 9.1

All about Cowpox...

The common and scientific name of the disease.

Common name: Cowpox; Scientific name: Cowpox...

What causes it? How is it transmitted?

It could be caused by touching an infected cow's udders or bitten by an infected animal. It could be spread by human to human (which is really really rare) and animals scratch and bites. The cows are no longer the main carrier of the virus, but woodlands rodent in Europe countries. When rodents got bitten by domestic cats, cats got the diseases and when the cats bites his master, his master got cowpox! Therefore some peoples also named them as Catpox, if you wanted to know how Cowpox could spread by human to human, the answer is when a human scratch or bite a human, the Cowpox will spread (I am sure nobody would bite people...)external image 18809_1.jpg&t=1The infected cow's udders.

What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?

Symptoms and time list: (Cowpox is not deadly at all.)

  • Days 1-6 (after infection): the site of infection appears as an inflamed macule (flat red lesion)
  • Days 7-12: the inflamed lesion becomes raised (papular), then develops into a blister-like sore (vesicle)
  • Days 13-20: the vesicle becomes filled with blood and pus and eventually ulcerates. Other lesions may develop close by.
  • Weeks 3-6: the ulcerated wound turns into a deep-seated, hard, black crusty sore (eschar) which is surrounded by redness and swelling.
  • Weeks 6-12: the eschar begins to flake and slough and the lesion heals, often leaving a scar behind.external image VAXSIT5A.jpgI know it's disgusting...

As you can see, it usually lasts for half year or more, and it would leave lots of ugly scars on your body too! (It's lucky that it's mainly spread in Europe as we are in Hong Kong, but still, it's a very rare virus for Europe too.)

Can it be cured?

There is no cure for Cowpox, but we don't know why the disease will heal by itself. After it's cured the some patients may need to do plastic surgery, because it really leaves scary scars on your body which most people would like to remove them.external image sciencejenner2.jpgPoor boy...