The scientific name of this disease is call deafness

Deafness is a disease that affects your ability to hear/listen.

There are many ways that cause deafness, it could be by infection, age, and someone was born to be deaf. Many people is deaf because of the reasons above, but even when people are not deaf, they can still experience deaf. They can experience it by the air pressure, when someone got a headache, and it could be when someone is faint.

The symptoms of deafness is when you start to hear things blurry, then totally can't hear anything. As above, deafness sometimes could be "fake", so for these "fake" deafness, it should only last for a while, perhaps a few minutes, or half an hour. For the "real" deafness, it may last for half of your life or maybe your whole life, it depends on how serious is your deafness.

There is no way to totally heal deafness, but there is a way to help deaf people hear, and that is wearing a hearing aid.