Dental Decay
Dental Decay is also known as Dental caries. It is a disease that baterial damage the hard tooth structure. If not treated well, the disease may lead to toothloss, pain, infection etc. This is a most common disease in the world. Dental Decay is cause by types of acid that producing bacteria that can cause damage.

What causes it? How is it transmitted?

Dental Decay can cause by bacteria and food. The first reason is eating to much foods that contains sugars and carbohydrates. For example, chocolate, candy etc. Because some bacteria can make acid that attacks the crystal-like substance in the teeth's surface. There was a substance called Plaque that contains bacteria and it will destroy your teeth. And Dental Decay cannot be transmitted.


There are many symptoms of Dental Decay. The first symtom is there will be white spot on the surface of the tooth. The second symtom is the areas that are destroyed by the disease will turn brown. The third symptom is that the tooth that are affect by the disease will cause in pain. Sweet foods, drinks, cold may worsen pain.


The disease that destroyed the tooth structure cannot fully regenerate. If the dental decay situation is not too bad, dentists will drill the part of the tooth that is destroyed by the disease. Dentists will use filling materials to patch the place that is destroyed. If the destroyed part is bigger, it may need to use the tooth socket to patch the part. When the situation is really bad, the dentists will need to pull the destroyed tooth out and to exchange the fake tooth.

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