The scientific name of depression is called clinical depression, although the name “depression” is used more commonly. As the word explained, depression means sadness and despair. However, feeling sad that happen from time to time doesn’t mean you are having depression. When a person is having depression, they feel lifeless and miserable, it also causes them to have trouble functioning their bodies, as well as clear changes in their thinking and feelings. Causes of depression range from a variety, it could be directly related to a significant event in life such as losing a close one, or suffering from a loss. Others might include hormone deficiencies, drug uses and abuse, after having childbirth, genetic basis and a lot more social and psychological factors. Depression is usually not transmitted but data showed that severe chronic depression is more common against the Latin race; about 50% of Hispanic/ Latina women were reported to have depression compared to 37% of non-hispanic white women and 47% of non-hispanic black women. Also, studies have shown that depression runs in some families, this means children of parents having depression will have a higher chance of getting depression themselves. There are some common signs and symptoms that show you are having depression and not just feeling terrible. It could include feelings of hopelessness, lost of appetite, self-loathing, loss of energy, unexplained aches and pains...etc. At most case, medicines and therapy helps the person out of depression. Depending on how severe the case is, treatment could last from 6 months to even 3 years. Depression is not technically deadly, but depression had been a major reason of suicides, the distress and misery people feel caused them to think the only solution is to suicide. Depression could be cured, and it could be done so with doctors and families’ help and support, It is important that we let people with depression to look out of his desperation and think once again or life’s meanings.


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