Influenza A virus subtype H3N2

This is a subtype of viruses that can cause flu, which can also infect birds and mammals. In birds, humans and pigs made this virus change a lot. It is a flu that can increase into a big number, and it is a seasonal flu, which kills an estimate 36000 people in the United State of America each year. To classify this flu, it is a subtype of a viral influenza virus A.


- Fever
- Headache
- sneeze
- cough
- sore throat
- Tired
- Pain Bone
- Stomach ache
- vomiting

You can prevent it by medical injection or once you get this disease and caused a major flu, your body will immune that virus.
You should go to a doctor and get some Panadol, it does help you stop the pain in a certain time. Some medicine that can make you say bye bye to the flu, and lower your temperature from 40 Celsius to 36 Celsius. Get some medicine that can cure your cough.