Hallux Valgus

Scientific Name: Hallux Valgus
Common Name: Bunions

What Causes Hallux Valgus?
Usually the causes of Hallux Vallux is because of bad shoe wear: wearing the wrong shoes size (Usually size of shoes are too Small)

Is Hallux Valgus Transmitted?
Hallux Valgus can not be transmitted.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hallux Valgus:
    • Big toe bent towards the other toes
    • Usually both feet are affected
    • Pain

Will Hullux Valgus Last Forever?
Hullux Valgus will Last forever, once started, it wont stop, it will just get worser and worser.

Is Hallux Valgus Deadly?
Hallux Valgus is not deadly, just pain.

Is There A Way To Cure Hallux Valgus?
Surgery is the only way to cure Hallux Valgus forever.