Lyme Disease

Basic information:
Lyme disease is a infection disease which can transmit by ticks bites. This disease was discover at 1975 in Lyem town, and the disease was name after this town. The scientific name for this diseaseis Borrelia burgdorferi infection.[1,2]

What cause it and how?:
This disease is cased by Borrelia burgdorfer bacterium (also known as Spirochete) this bacterium can be found in ticks[1,2], for dissolving food (actually human have that too)[2] Ticks will spread the bacterium on the bite so thats how Lyme disease is caused.

There is a video of the bacterium: Borrelia burgdorfer bacterium

Usually after the patient got bite by a tick at that spot will find a classic red rash(Also known as erythema migrans)[3] (these symptoms usually happen on 60%-70% cases)[3]The rash usually start at the 3-30 days after the patient got bitten which is quite common on this disease. Sooner if the patient still didn’t get the right treatment the red rash will turn larger also there might be a “ring” around the red rash,[1,2] sine the bacterium will go around your body and affect the other organs just in period of days most of the time the affection will start from skin then the nervous system sooner it will also cause heart blocked or even death[3 ] if it not treated not immediately. Some other symptoms this disease might cause is headaches,shoot pains or numbness [3]
Here we have a photo of the first stage symptoms of Lyme disease

Ways to cured it:
Most of Lyme disease are curable with antibiotics but the amount of antibiotics should use is depends on the stage of the disease[1]. Also which area did the disease affect . Usually the patient will get pills or cream (for the red rash),it usually take 2 weeks to recover. If it affect the joints the doctor will remove the fluid with arthrocentesis . For the pain that the bite cause the doctor might considering putting in Ibuprofen to stop the pain. (Ibuprofen is a type of drug which is often use in pills to help us stop feeling the pain (e.g. Period pills) )Now there's a Lyme disease research center to know more and easy ways to cure this disease. [3]

Here is a website , of what researchers found recently discover about Lyme disease: