Megalencephaly is a condition in which the person has an abnormally big brain and as a result a big head. The condition usually means that the brain is malfunctioning. Megalencephaly is a rare Genetic Disorder and is usually found in more Males than Females.


Symptoms of Megalencephaly may include:-
  • Delayed development mentally and physically
  • Convulsive Disorders
  • Spinal Dysfunctions
  • Seizures


The Treatment for Megalencephaly depends completely on the Individual,Cause and sometimes other associated Neurological Disorders. Children with Hemimmegalencephaly will have one-half of the brain lenlargened more than the other. Sometimes children who are severely mentally retarded will have to undergo operation , whilst mild seizure activity can be controlled by medication. The Affected person will be mentally and physically trailing normal development by 1-2 years.