What causes it?
Migraines (cephalagia), is a type of neurological disease, there are two types, with aura(visual disturbance) and without aura. Migraines can be cause from the changes in ´╗┐trigeminal nerves, stress, foods, sensory stimuli, medication, allergies, changes in sleeping, smoking, skipping meals, alcohol, food containing tyramine, hormone change in woman or a strong family history of this disease.

What are the symptoms of it? Can it be transmitted?

It will cause headache, vomiting, sensitive to light and sound(sometimes smell), see flashlight or zigzag line in vision, having difficultly in speaking, poor concentration, sweating, stomach ache, diarrhea and increase urination. It can't be transmitted to others.

What are the treatments?


- Over-the-counter painkiller
- Acetaminophen -is used to reduce the pain and fever at the centre of your brain
- NSAIDS -is also used to reduce the pain


- You can goto sleep
- Use ice pack
- Try to use biofeedback

Can it be cured?

Yes, but it is very hard to cure it. There was a case that cured a woman whom was about to get married, her doctor, Jane Williams a naturopathic nutritionist told her to drink lots of tap water, at last she was cured. The nutritionist explained that her patient, Sue was dehydration from drinking up to nine cups of coffee a day.

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By : Tiffany Lo 9.5