Moebius Syndome
Moebius Syndrome is a disease that affects several nerves on our face, usually the 6th and the 7th of cranial nerve. What these 2 nerves do are the sixth one controls how are we blinking our eyes, turning our eyes from side to side, and other eye movements, and the seventh nerve controls how are we making facial expressions like smiling, laughing, or other facial movements, and our sensitivity of our taste buds, as well as our sensitivity on our toes and fingers. In some cases, other nerves are affected as well.

The name Moebius was named by a neurologist, named Paul Julius Möbius, he first described this syndrome in 1888. This name can be spelled Moebius Syndrome or Möbius Syndrome.

What cause it? How is it transmitted?
Till now, scientists still can’t seem to find out how this disease is transmitted and what causes it, some scientists believe that it is the genetics, that unhealthy parents might have a child with Moebius, but some scientists don’t believe that genetics has something to do with it. This is still a mystery.

What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?
Moebius can be diagnosed easily, when a baby is born, and you can tell that baby can’t suck its fingers, or toys, and can’t move its eye from side to side, can’t blink properly, and can not make facial expressions. And they will have problem swallowing food properly, they might choke, and having crossed eyes, and can’t speak properly due to lip shrinking. As they grow up, they won’t be able to make any facial expressions which makes people think that person is cool, or serious, or boring to be friends with, which affects its social life.

This disease will actually last forever, until that patient dies. Though, it is not deadly, it is just a disease which will affect the patient’s facial movements, it has nothing to do with the patient’s health. But this disease can actually affect how the patient is swallowing food, sometimes patients need syringe to eat with.

Can it be cured? If so, how? If not, is there any way that we can at least treat it?
No, this disease can not be cured, and there is basically nothing that the patient can do with it. Patients with Moebius can be having plastic surgeries that provides the ability to smile, but patient will not be able to make other facial expressions. And surgery can also fix crossed eyes, which protects the cornea. But surgeries will not actually cure this disease, or getting away from it.

A guy with Moebius Syndrome

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