Ovarian Cancer is a of disease, it is an growth of abnormal cells in the ovary or ovaries of the female reproductive system. This is a very serious disease that can cause death from cancer from women. There are two in a woman's body, which contain a woman's eggs and produce female hormones. This hormone-rich environment may encourage the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

Ovarian cancer can spread to other organs in your body, risk factors for ovarian cancer include having a mother, sister or daughter with ovarian cancer, or having a personal history of breast cancer or colorectal cancer. Women who have never had children or have taken fertility drugs are also at higher risk for developing ovarian cancer. Women past the age of 50 also have a higher risk.
There is a decreased risk for ovarian cancer in women who have been on the birth control pills. Ovarian cancer generally produces no symptoms in its earliest stages. When symptoms do occur, they may indicate that ovarian cancer has progressed to advanced stages.These treatment include chemotherapy, radiation and many way have to undergo surgery. All of these treatments are successful for women suffering from cysts in the ovaries, but they may cause side effects such as organ damage, hair loss, infections, and skin damage form irritation.

Erience fewer complication with ovarian cysts, but you will also experience fewer complication with your menstrual cycle and hormones.

Different ways to prevent cancer are being studied, including:

  • Changing lifestyle or eating habits.
  • Avoiding things known to cause cancer.
  • Taking medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to keep cancer from starting.
  • OR even take an ovarian cancer injection

Many of the woman spotted they have ovarian cancer's sign they become scare and didn't go to a body check but this will only make your diseases worst.

By Agnes Lee 9.1