Peptic Ulcer

1) Peptic Ulcer is also called PUD or peptic ulcer disease.
2) It can be caused by H. pylori (germs, could spread through clean food, water or by mouth to mouth contact), stomach acids, taking NSAID and it also can be infected by a bacterium named Helicobacter pylori.
3) There are some symptoms of peptic ulcers, such as: Poor appetite, swelling, burping, puking, sick stomach and weight loss. gnawing,
4) Many people thought that drinking milk would heal Peptic Ulcers.This could make you feel a bit better but it also makes more stomach acid, too much stomach acid makes peptic ulcers worse.
In many instance peptic ulcers can heal by medicine. Here are some steps of what the patients do:
1.Finish all antibiotics and take other drugs that your doctor authorize. (Peptic Ulcers will only cure if the patient takes all the medicine that the doctor authorize)
2.After finishing all the medicines your doctor will arrange a breath or stool test to make sure that the H. pylori infection has completely disappear.

Usually patients will be cured after the medicine and drugs. But if not surgery is needed if your ulcers....
-Don’t restore.
-Keeps returning.
-Penetrate the stomach.
-Block food from moving flowing out the stomach.

Extra Information:

How do we prevent Peptic Ulcers?
-Keep yourself clean and hygienic.
-Wash your hands with soap and take shower everyday.
-Always eat cooked food and to make sure you wash them cleanly.
-Drink water from a clean and protected source.

Can Peptic Ulcers come back?
Yes, Peptic Ulcers can come back if you smoke, or take NSAIDs. (Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug).

This is a animation of how Peptic Ulcers develop.

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