Rabies Mickey Lin 9.1

Scientific Name
The Scientific name of rabies is basically "The Rabies Virus" it is classified under the Rhabdoviridae.

What is it cause and how is it transmit
The Rabies virus can be caused buy exposing to animals with rabies, bitten by a animal with Rabies or exposed to people that is infected by rabies, it is often transmitted by the saliva. Every animal can be infected by rabies including human, but the most animal that is infected is: Raccoons, Skunks, Foxes, Coyotes and Bats.


Symptoms of Rabies
When your body is infected by the rabies it will multiplies itself quickly and try to reach your brain, and it can take as fast as three days and as slow as several years, this period of time is called the incubation period. The early symptoms of rabies is: Fever, headache, general tiredness and numbness or pain of the bite. After the virus has gone to your brain your body will start to get symptoms like: Insomnia, anxiety, excitation, difficulty swallowing and Agitation.


Can Rabies be deadly?And how can we cure it?
Rabies has a 100% cure if you get medications on time, but in each year there is about 60,000 people dying of rabies. If you are bitten by a animal that has a up to date rabies shot and your body doesn't show any illness then you are fine, but if the animal that has bitten you may have a chance to have rabies and your body is starting to feel illness you should go to the hospital immediately and if the doctor says you might get a chance to have rabies you may get five shots in 28 days. The first shot is to see do you really have rabies, if you keep having the symptoms that might be rabies you will keep having shots on day 3, 7, 14 and 28, if the shots had killed the disease before 28 days, it can be stop immediately but if the disease reach your brain before it is discovered or killed then it has no cure to it and it might get deadly!