What Causes Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer is caused by the suns radiation for example if you stay in the hot sun for a long time with out sunscreen and a hat the there is a likely chance of you getting skin cancer. But that is only the most common way but age can also make a difference for Skin Cancer id you are old then it is easier for the cancer too spread because you are more weak then the young. Cancer is not infectious so if you friend has it it is ok too stay with him.

What are the symptoms?

there are not much symptoms the part of your skin that has the cancer will turn a little bit dark and it will swell up like a pimple only that its bigger.
Also skin cancer can take years too grow so you might have got it when you were 5 and be able to see it when you are 8-9. but this cancer can be deadly because if you are too late and the cancer spreads to your blood then it will most likely infect another organ of your body and that is deadly.

Can it be cured?

Some cancers cant be cured but Skin cancer how ever can be there is a treatment for it basically the doctor cuts off the part of your skin with the cancer before it spreads to other organs because if it does it might be more serious.

Ways Skin-Cancer can be avoided?

-Wear sunscreen
-long sleave shirts
-cover as much parts of the body possible
-wear a hat
-dont stay in the sun too long

For More information watch this video: