The Plague by Ingrid Kuo

1) The common and scientific name of the disease.
The common and scientific name of the disease of the plague is The black death, The black plague.

Types of Plague
Bubonic Plague
Septicemic Plague
Pneumonic Plague
Antonine Plague-killed over 5 million people
Places that The Plague infected
Constantinople- has killed 10,000 people everyday(estimated)
Europe-25% to 50% of popualtion, left at 19th century
Africa-N/A(not mentionied
Asia-almost over millions of people
Northeastern Germany-N/A(not mentioned)
Bohemia(same above)
Poland(same above)
Hungary(same above)
England(same above)
China(same above)

2) What causes it? How is it transmitted?
The cause of The Plague is spread mainly by black rats, this indification by
Yersin and Kitasato, two experts in certain subjects has a major interest in this disease, and they found out that this black plague was caused by a type of bacterial disease called Yersinia Pestis. It is transmitted by baterical diseases invading your body and causes your neck area,groin and underneath armpits to appear Buboes, it is a enlargements of the lymph nodes and it can enlarge from 1cm to 10cm,its ususally discolored. They are usually found on 70% of the paitents that have The Plague.
3) What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?
The Plague is a disease that can be cured and they last in five days and causes the paitent to death,it spreads really quick. but its not a deadly disease, most people still die from The Plague. The symptoms including:
abdominal pain

If it gets more serious, the symptoms could be more worse:
Severe Migraines
Coughing Up Blood
Increased Breathing
Difficulty Breathing
Respiratory Failure
Rapid Heart Rate
Ultimately Death

4) Can it be cured? If so, how? If not, is there any way that we can at least treat it?
It can be cured by