1) The common and scientific name of the disease.

The name of my disease is called cholera, cholera is an infectious disease caused by a bacterial toxin that affects the absorption of water in the small intestine.

2) What causes it? How is it transmitted?

Cholera is caused by a bacterium, vibrio cholerae.The bacterial toxin has the ability to affect the cells of gastrointestinal tract, the affected person may get diarrhoea or even worse, losing a huge amount of fluid. If the person is not treated properly, the huge lose of fluid will get really serious. The disease cam be transmitted through fish by contaminated water , bacteria are excreted in faeces, if it comes into contact with drinking water, the person will get infected.

3) What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?

  • Cholera takes place over a period of time and usually occurs when you feel stomach pain but not feeling sick.
  • If you start having diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea that look pale, flaky and looks like rice water.

4) Can it be cured? If so, how? If not, is there any way that we can at least treat it?

Cholera can be cured if you go straight to the hospital after realizing you have been infected.
Drink a LOT of water