What has caused obesity?
Obesity is caused because of a Lack of energy balance. Energy balance means the energy coming IN and the energy going OUT. Energy In is the amount of calories you get from food or drinks, and energy out is the amount of energy your body uses to walk, run breath, digest and doing sport. To have a healthy body, you have the balance of energy IN and OUT everyday. If you have more energy of IN than OUt, you will cause obesity or overweight.
How is Obesity Transmitted?
Obesity can be transmitted. In fact, it is said that it is spread socially. A new study has said that one likelihood of getting fat or obesity increases by 57% if your friend is fat. It also says that if it is a close friend, the percentage for you getting fat is 171%.

What are the symptoms? is it deadly? How long does it last?
If you are having Obesity, you will have the following symptoms:
-increased sweating
-loud snoring
-difficulty sleeping
-inability to cope with sudden physical activity
-back joint pains
These sympotms last as long as you have obesity. You will also be very different to other people, you will also get a higher chance of injury than normal people.


A difference between normal, overweight and obesity.

Can it be cured?
Obesity can be cured by a surgery. You can also have a healthy diet and a balance of energy in and out in order to prevent obesity.