Thyroid Disorders

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Thyroid Disorders is a Non-infections disease. There are scientifically 2 types of Thyroid.
It's when the thyroid produces too much hormone, energy uses faster then normal we do.

- Hypothyroidism
It's when the thyroid produces not enough hormone, energy uses slower then it does.

The most common thyroid disorder is Hyperthyroidism. external image 97yu4zouzpkdtkjkz4qmn2g.gif
People of all age can get it. However, woman have more chance to get it than man. external image th_3517.gif

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They are several causes of Hyperthyroidism.

external image th18043.gifYou can get it because of your parents have it. (heredity)

external image th18042.gifYou can get it from pressures.external image th_32242.gif

external image th18044.gif You can get it just because your thyroid simply have some problems.

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You get hyperthyroidism if you...

external image th18043.gifAlways feel nervous and melancholyexternal image 6517447dfc40f0b549aab09.gifexternal image th_e06.gif

external image th18042.gifHeart beat go faster then others

external image th18044.gifEasy to insomnia

external image th18045.gif Lose weight even though you eat normally
external image th18046.gifOften get headache
external image minitile1hq3dodld7fky.gif

Luckily, it can be cured.
There are two methods to cure it :

external image th18043.gifMedication

This is the simplest way to cure the symptom. The patients should eat medicine of fixed amount and on time. After eating for 1 to 2 years, dose can be tapered.

external image th18042.gifSurgery

Some patients would choose to do a surgery because they think the medication is not convenient or they are allergy to the medicine
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Develop good habits !!

Adequate absorb of calories and nutrition.

Adequate rest, avoid staying up lateexternal image th_3258.gifexternal image th_873350120070919100850859_025_640.gif.
Avoid alcohol and smoke.external image 3049b5b555b82987d8060cb.gifexternal image beer.gif
Be positive.external image tht00200020002000201035.gif
external image minitile1hq3dodld7fky.gif
external image th_353.gif

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